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Children’s Down Parkas Provide Warmth in Canada’s Winter

Children’s Down Parkas Provide Warmth in Canada’s Winter

Children’s Down Parkas for Winter Fun

The days are short, and that winter chill is in the air. It’s time to go through all the closets and round up the snow suits for the upcoming winter season. Parents start sizing up the gear and look at ripped knees, torn hoods and loose stitching. Each winter season, the kids are rounded up and shuttled out and about to find the perfect winter coat. 

There is an easier way to shop for children’s winter gear. It’s time to hang up the polyester lined suits and upgrade to a warmer collection for your family. Invest in high quality children’s down parkas made in Canada, inspired by the Arctic Inuit and purchased through an online retailer. This will give both parents and children a chance to enjoy a warm winter without having to pack up the car and head to the mall. There is tremendous value that comes with goose or duck down insulation and coyote fur trimmed hoods. These are not just trendy features! Often, those investing in luxury down parkas for children get more value for their money as it lasts longer than cheaper synthetic outerwear by comparison. 

Winter Play: Safe and Warm

Children in Canada are exposed to cold temperatures throughout the school day. Recess breaks are supposed to be fun, where kids can interact socially through games and activities in an outdoor environment. Bundled up with down parkas, they can enjoy the fresh winter air without succumbing to the elements. Snow sports like sledding, skating and snowshoeing allow kids to stay active during winter months. The natural properties of duck down insulation, 100% nylon and coyote fur trim on the hood will keep your kids warm to temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius! The fur trim is not just a stylish feature. Real fur performs in colder temperatures much more effectively than faux fur can. That is why luxury children’s down parkas have non-removable hoods with coyote fur – to protect your children from the harsh conditions of the Canadian wind chill. 

When taken care of properly, duck and goose down can last for years. It is more resilient than polyester fibres that compress over a couple of seasons. While synthetic material is top-rated in water resistance, there are down garments that are treated with a water proofing polymer. Duck down is accessible and smaller in size than goose down. This makes it more affordable for parents to equip their children with the best parkas for the winter months. 

Benefits of Down vs Synthetics

With all the benefits of children’s down parkas, the cost can prevent parents from investing given their children are "still growing.” Children grow at different rates and sometimes they will outgrow their clothing, while some children can get multiple winters worth of use. Synthetic materials break down quicker than luxury down parkas, which end up costing the parents even more money over the course of two to three seasons. The benefits of children’s down parkas are plentiful and will empower them to head outside and make the most of the winter months they have before them. Buying from a Canadian outerwear company has tremendous value. Who better than Canadians to understand the needs of both adults and children in those harsh months? Browse online from one of the best children’s down parka stores and take advantage of free delivery across the country so you and your family can go out and enjoy the winter, not hide away until the spring.

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